Everything You Need To Know About The Office Filming Locations

Everything You Need To Know About The Office Filming Locations

The Office was a TV show that had tons of fans. Whether you want to learn about the real places they attended or where the office building was supposedly located, it's time to figure out where this show was filmed.

You may even decide to go on a road trip to these Office filming locations, dressing up as characters from the episodes to have a self-guided tour of your own.

With so many filming locations in North Hollywood and beyond, you're sure to find some surprises.

The Office takes place primarily in Scranton, Pennsylvania, though most of the show was actually filmed in Studio City in Los Angeles. Other top cities in North Hollywood include Pan Nuys and Panorama City. Those are often called "The Valley" for locals.

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It's tricky to locate the right addresses for The Office filming locations and takes a lot of effort. However, the research is done with this guide.

If you want more insider information about Michael Scott and filming locations, you may want to check out Office Ladies Podcast by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, both actresses for the show. They give tons of fun tidbits for fans.

Without further ado, it's time to learn things about The Office you never realized you needed to know:

Los Angeles County Locations

With so many different locations in Los Angeles and Scranton, it's easier to break them down into specifics. That way, you don't get confused about what city or state you're in. Keep reading to learn about the Hollywood locations:

Chandler Valley Center Studios (The Dunder Mifflin Building)

The entire first season of the show was actually filmed in a real-life office building located in Culver City, but it was supposedly located in Scranton Business Park. It was close to the cross streets of West Jefferson Blvd. and La Cienega Blvd. After The Office was picked up for the second season, they chose to move the building to Chandler Valley Center Studios. Most fans of the show recognize this building's exterior best, and it's still supposed to be in Scranton Business Park

If you visit the area, you are allowed to take pictures of the outside of the "Dunder Mifflin Building." However, security guards are present, and they may ask you to move along. If you Google the location for GPS purposes, it might show as Chandler Valley Centre Studios.

The building is located on Saticoy Street in Panorama City.

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Rite Aid (Birthday Episode)

During Michael's birthday episode (Season 2, Episode 19), Pam and Jim go to Rite Aid to get gifts for Kevin because he thinks he could have skin cancer. In one scene, Jim tells Pam to speak over the store's intercom, which she does.

This is a real-life store and is located on Woodman Ave. in Van Nuys.

Ice Skating Rink - Birthday Episode for Michael Scott

During the 19th episode of Season 2, the office staff goes ice skating as a way to cheer up Kevin and to have Michael's birthday party. It is a real building called Pickwick Ice Center and is located on W. Riverside Drive in Burbank.

Goodbye Meetup for Pam and Roy

After Pam and Roy break up, they meet at a diner nearby for their final goodbye. All of the restaurant scenes are actually from Hungry Fox Family Restaurant. It's located on Sherman Way in North Hollywood.

High School of Andy's Underage Girlfriend

A Dunder Mifflin employer takes revenge because of an obscene watermark, so Andy and Jim must go to the local high school to apologize to the principal. Those high school scenes were filmed in Burbank at Saint John Paul Academy. It's actually a Catholic High School, but there were no real students in the background; they were paid actors. It's located on E. Olive Ave in Burbank.


burbank st john paul academy

Steve Carrel's Real-Life Favorite Pizza Place

According to the Office Ladies podcast, Steve Carrel treated the crew and cast to delivered pizza from his favorite restaurant. It's called Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant, and it was even featured in the Last Dundies Episode (Season 7, Episode 21). If you want to see what the fuss is about, go to Oxnard Street in Valley Glen.

Dwight's Betrayal Lunch Spot

In Season 3, Episode 3, Dwight meets with Jan in secret to try to overthrow Michael as the office manager. You may remember the scene where he eats his pancakes in a very dramatic way. It's a real place called Paty's Restaurant, and it's located on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.

Milkshake Prank Location

In Season 9, Episode 12, Dwight wants to show Darryl some fun times. He ends up throwing a milkshake onto a restaurant employee. Though the restaurant is real and called Pete's Blue Chip Burgers, the employee was a hired actor. It's located on Colorado Blvd in East Rock.

The Boys Go Roller-skating

In Season 7, the guys decided to play hooky from work. Though they initially want to go to a strip club, they end up at Northridge Skateland for some roller-skating. It's located on Parthenia Street in Northridge. In fact, the strip club was real too, but now it sits empty.

Field Trip to Lake Scranton

In Season 3, Episode 23, Michael decides to take the crew for a day of games and fun outside at the lake. The scenes were filmed at the fishing recreation area of Hansen Dam Lake Park. It's located on Foothill Blvd. in Lake View Terrace.

Company Picnic

Most offices have company picnics each year, and Dunder Mifflin was one of them. They all go to the park to play volleyball in Season 5, Episode 28. It took 360 extras to make it work, and it was filmed in Malibu at Calamigos Ranch on Latigo Canyon Road.

Paper Convention

In the show, there was a paper convention held in Philadelphia, which happened in Season 3, Episode 2. However, the crew filmed it at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, which is located on North Hollywood Way.

Schrute Farms

Schrute Farms has appeared many times throughout the show, with the first time being in Episode 5 of Season 3. You may not be aware of it, but Schrute Farms is actually two locations. Some of the scenes were filmed in Newhall, California, at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch. However, a few beet field scenes were from Underwood Family Farm, which is in Moore Park.

Fans also created a fake Trip Advisor review for Schrute Farms. It's quite hilarious to read the comments!

The Dundies

In this episode, you could see a Chili's restaurant. However, it's not real. In fact, they just took an empty restaurant building located in Panorama City and reconstructed the inside to meet their needs. Right now, there's an Aldi store in there. It's located on W. Roscoe Blvd. in Panorama City if you want to check it out!

Chili's Awesome Blossom

In the episode called The Client, another Chili's restaurant is presented. It's also fake, but you can order some baby back ribs and an Awesome Blossom from the Chili's menu here, so it can't be all that bad.

Diwali Celebration

The Diwali scenes from Season 3, Episode 6 were filmed in the Valley Glen area at Ulysses S. Grant High School. It's actually the high school that Melora Hardin attended (she's Jan on the show.) This high school is located on Oxnard Street in Van Nuys.

David Wallace's Home

There is plenty of conflicting information about the location of David Wallace's House. He was the CFO of Dunder Mifflin,and it first came to light in Season 3, Episode 7. According to the Podcast, his house is in Pasadena. Initially, you see it in Season 3, but it's in many other episodes. As far as anyone knows, it's on Lomita Drive in Pasadena.

Benihana Christmas

 In Season 3, there was an extended (two-episode) Christmas special, and it was filmed on location at the Benihana restaurant. It's located on Ventura Blvd. in Encino.

Michael Gets Lost

When Michael gets lost in the Season 7, Episode 15 show, Holly and Dwight set up a search party. The characters make many stops while searching for him, and some of them include:

Initially, Michael was abandoned by Jim and left at the Civic Center Gas Station, which is located on Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys.

Kung Pao Ching Bistro is found in Studio City on Ventura Blvd., but it doesn't appear to be open anymore.

Larry's Chili Dog Stand is located on West Burbank Blvd. in Burbank.

Check out the entire Michael Scott merchandise section.

Gettysburg Episode

When Andy, the new office manager in Season 8, takes all the employees to Gettysburg, they are actually at Woodley Park. It's located on Woodley Ave. in Van Nuys.

Poor Richard's Pub

Poor Richard's Pub is a real place, and it serves beers and delicious pub food. You can get onion rings and fried pickles. Plus, you may run into a few waitresses who worked at Poor Richard's Pub when it was filmed. If you take a self-guided tour, this is one of The Office locations you can't miss. However, you can't look for Poor Richard's Pub. It's actually called Pickwick's Pub and is on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills.

Church from Jim and Pam's Wedding

Another stop on the location of The Office filming was the church where Jim and Pam were married. The chapel is surrounded by gardens and is quite cute. It's found on W. Magnolia Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant for Jim and Pam

As The Office fans, you're sure to remember the infamous scene when Jim tells people about Pam's pregnancy. The guests and wedding party were all at The Smoke House Restaurant. It's found on Lakeside Drive in Burbank.

Church from Bob Vance and Phyllis's Wedding

Phyllis married Bob Vance at the First Christian Church. It's very grand when you see it in person. You can even take pictures of it and go to the front steps. If you want to check out the inside, you should call for reservations. It's located on Colfax Ave. in North Hollywood.

Traveling Salesmen

In Episode 13 of Season 3, the sales team decides to pair up to take off-site sales calls with their clients. There were a few filming scenes here, including:

  • Java Groove Coffee Shop - It was located on Victory Blvd. in Van Nuys, but it's now a printing company. However, the tattoo parlor is next door (Season 8, Episode 2.)
  • Panorama Presbyterian Church - This is where Ryan and Stanley made their sales calls, and it's located on Roscoe Blvd. in Panorama City.
  • Panorama Medical Plaza - The sales meetings the salespeople had with clients were all on one floor in this building. It was also where Dwight had interviews (The Return episode).

Business School

Ryan thinks he can boost his grade by taking his boss to show and tell. True The Office fans know how wrong he was. Regardless, they were at Cal State University in Northridge. This is also where Pam's art show scenes were filmed (in the Design Center).

It's located on Nordhoff Street in Northridge, and people are allowed to go inside.

Dwight Joins the Competition

Staples is often considered to be the biggest competitor of Dunder Mifflin. After Dwight quits at The Office, he works at a Staples store. They filmed the scenes inside a real store at Empire Center in Burbank. Here's a fun fact: Jenna Fischer bought her printer here. In fact, Jenna Fischer was with her real-life friend, Angela Kinsey, at the time.

Jim and Pam's House

Jim decided to buy his parent's old home in Season 5, Episode 9. It was meant as a big romantic gesture so that he could start married life right. You can visit the quaint cottage house, which is located in Van Nuys at 13831 Calvert Street.

Oscar Martinez's Home

Oscar called in sick from work in Season 2, Episode 13, so Michael has Dwight go investigate to see if he's truly ill. Everyone knows that Dwight busted him for playing hooky. The home is located in Sherman Oaks at 5232 Longridge Ave.

Westfield Fashion Square Mall (Steamtown)

There are many episodes filmed at Westfield Fashion Square Mall, which was called Steamtown Mall in the scenes. Sherman Oaks is where it's at, and you can visit the mall on your self-guided The Office tour.

Did you know Michael confessed that he fell into it? You can too! It's located on Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.

Michael's Condo

In The Office Olympics episode (Season 2), Dwight goes with Michael as he finalizes the sale of his condominium. Michael Scott's condo is actually seen many times throughout the show, such as in the Dinner Party episode. It's a real place and is located in Reseda, CA, at 7303 Bonnie Pl.


Meredith and Darry use houses on the show that are really located next to each other. They're neighbors, even if that isn't portrayed.

Darryl's home is located in Van Nuys at 14152 Emelita Street, and Meredith Palmer's home is found at 14142 Emelita Street. While they might not be next-door neighbors, they could still carpool together if they wanted!

Threat Level Midnight Episode

Michael Scott created a lost film in the show, and it features each cast member. It was filmed on multiple locations, and here are a few of them:

  • Chimenysweep Lounge - This was the place for the "Do the Scarn" dance. It's found in Sherman Oaks at 4354 Woodman Ave.
  • Iceland Ice Skating Center - This is a real ice-skating rink found in Van Nuys at 14318 Calvert St.

Trivia Episode

The crew decided to take a trip to Philadelphia in Season 8, Episode 11. They wanted to win cash prizes at Oscar's trivia game. This scene took place in NoHo at The Federal Bar. It's located in North Hollywood at Lankershim Blvd.

Sabre Promo Video

Michael was very impressed to see Christian Slater featured in the Saber orientation video. You probably remember the phrase, "Ever tasted a rainbow?" It was filmed entirely at some modern office buildings. They were designed to be the headquarters for Sabre. It's found in Westlake Village, CA on 1 Baxter Way.

Awkward Daycare Moment

Pam and Jim start touring daycares and find their dream option in Season 6, Episode 15. You might remember what happened when Jim walked in on a man using the restroom. Regardless, you can see the building for yourself. It's called PeekABoo Playland and is on Colorado Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Dwight's Bachelor Party

When the show is nearing its end, you see Dwight marrying Angela, his long-time love. Overall, Dwight's bachelor party dinner happened at Tam O'Shanter, which is a Scottish pub. It's also called Lawry's Restaurant and is found on Los Feliz Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Scranton, Pennsylvania Locations

While most of The Office was filmed in California, there are a few note-worthy episodes from Scranton, Pennsylvania. They include:

Cooper's Seafood

Throughout the show's run, the characters mention Coopers as a restaurant. In fact, Angela says, "No seafood!" to Kevin. There is a Cooper's Seafood restaurant in Scranton, and Angela said on the podcast that some of the cast had been there. It's located on N. Washington Ave. in Scranton.


cooper seafood restaurant scranton PA

Steamtown Mall

There's actually a Steamtown Mall in Scranton, but it's called The Marketplace. They even host fan festivals for The Office. It's found at Lackawanna Ave. in Scranton.

Cugino's Family Restaurant

In Season 2, Episode 17, Jim won 9th place for a sales contest at Dunder Mifflin. The price was Cugino's pizza. It's found at E. Drinker St. in Dunmore, PA.

Film Locations Throughout the US and Abroad

Though you've gone through tons of popular locations for The Office filming, here are a few more:

NYC Date Night for Jim and Karen

The Spotted Pig was a popular Village restaurant. Jim and Karen had dinner there.

Sandals Resort in Jamaica

Michael wanted to surprise Carol, his girlfriend in Season 3, with a trip to the Sandals Resort in Jamaica. However, he went with Jan. Check out the entire range of The Office holiday merch.


Hopefully, you enjoyed taking a trip in time to find out what The Office employees really did. Whether you want to see the Dunder Mifflin office for yourself or Meredith Palmer's house, you've got the information needed to create the ultimate bucket-list-worthy road trip. The Office ended after 9 seasons.

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