Who Was The Actor That Played Kevin Malone - The Office?

Who Was The Actor That Played Kevin Malone - The Office?

NBC's The Office is one of the most successful shows in the 2000s era. The nine-season mockumentary started airing from 2005 to 2013, documenting the typical lifestyle of American workers.

It was a story filled with plot twists, emotions, romances, and side characters. With so many personalities co-existing in the film, it is daunting to find a character that stands out. But still, it is easy to know one of The Office's popular characters, Kevin Malone. So, who is he? What role did he play? In this piece, we'll look at the voice behind Kevin Malone and his role in the multimillion-dollar series.

Who is Kevin Malone?

In the first seasons of The Office, Kevin Malone was a reserved character who later evolved into one of the funniest and cartoonish characters of the show. He is a lovable character, but Kevin's main personalities come from his lack of intelligence, sexual depravity, incompetence, and obesity.

The slow-witted character was played by Brian Baumgartner, a sensational American actor, director, and author.

According to directors at The Office, Brian Baumgartner sent over his agent for an inquiry when he heard The Office was recruiting. Unfortunately, his agent sheepishly told him the company was looking for unknown people, including him. But still, the actor got a chance at the audition where he auditioned for the role of Stanley using Kevin's voice.

Once the auditions ended, casting director Allison Jones informed Brian there was a different role they were looking for, and that's how he ended up playing the role for Kevin Malone.

Before airing The Office, Brian had been involved in plenty of big-screen shows. He first started his acting career in the Minneapolis theater, where he co-founded the Hidden Theatre. The theater aired a few shows, including "People Are Living There" by Athol Fugard and "Mice of Men." Brina Baumgartner became a popular figure in the theaters in 1998 when he started his one-man show "Rum and Vodka."

At this point, Baumgartner performed regionally in several places like Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Theatre De La Jeune Lune, and Children's Theater Company. He was able to show prowess and versatility in comedy and drama.

Actor Brian Baumgartner artistic and acting excellence later hit the big screens casting on several movies such as "Four Christmases" by Vince Vaughn, "One Last Night," "Into Temptation" featuring Ralph O'Brien "Dirty Girl," "The Last Push," and "Licence To Wed" featuring Rob Williams. He was also involved in a couple of tv shows like "CSI," "The Goldbergs," "Mike & Molly," and many others.


Who was Kevin Malone?

The Office Was A Success

The Office was a success in America and the world. The show received multiple awards and 42 nominations at the Emmy Awards. The Office later won for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006, Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing in 2007, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series in 2009, plus single-camera picture editing in 2013.

Brian Baumgartner won several awards, but the most prominent was the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program-comedy in 2007.

Following its success, Brian Baumgartner decided to recap the Office in his podcast called "An Oral History of The Office." He was curious to discover why many people still loved The Office almost 15 years later. The 12-episode podcast reconnects Baumgartner with his co-actors, directors, editors, writers, and the camera crew invited as guests on the show.

The podcast reveals memoirs of The Office and discusses plenty of behind-the-scenes moments that fans would love. For example, in the "Mom, We Made It" scene, Brain discusses how they almost missed the Emmy Awards with Angela Kinsey. The two decided to carpool to the ceremony, knowing that they were expected to receive the award and, if possible, take the trophy home. The two made it to the event though they were late and almost locked out.

Along with the podcast, Brian also published a book titled "The definitive history of The Office" by E! News, "Welcome to Dunder Mifflin." The book has tons of interesting sections, including 100 behind-the-scenes photographs and a foreword written by Greg Daniels, the show's creator.

Brian Baumgartner And The Cameo Effect

Though The Office ended in 2013, Brian still found other ways to make bucks, and the biggest breakthrough was his career on Cameo. Cameo is an online app that allows you to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities. Brain has had huge success with Cameo as he was named the most bankable star by a recent reporter interview with Steven Galans, the app founder.

It is reported that Brian Baumgartner has made a $1 million fortune since joining Cameo, making him the highest-earning celebrity on Cameo. He charges $195 for each personalized message for fans and an even higher rate for corporates starting at $2,500 for each video.

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