Will The Office Ever Return To Netflix & Why They Removed It!

Will The Office Ever Return To Netflix & Why They Removed It!

Another new year and more additional changes by Netflix confirmed. The streaming platform has removed "The Office" for good. However, the question is, why did Netflix remove "The Office?"

Ever since it hit our television screens, "The Office" has been a source of entertainment! The Netflix streaming service blessed its audiences by bringing the show to its own streaming service. In 2019, the company confirmed that the series would no longer be available to the streaming world as of January 1, 2021.


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The Real Reason Netflix Removed "The Office?"

On June 26, 2019, "The Office" leaving Netflix was revealed when NBC ended its contract with the streaming platform. This meant that Netflix could not showcase any of the media outlet's shows.

The primary reason behind this is that NBC's streaming service "Peacock" had just been launched. With NBC's own streaming platform, the enterprise was able to display all of the "The Office" episodes without an intermediary.

Netflix even tweeted about this in 2019, saying that they are sad that NBC decided to take "The Office" to its new streaming service, but viewers could binge watch the show until the streaming rights were taken away in January 2021.

Once the shows are out of other streaming platforms and Netflix, Peacock hopes viewers will be drawn to their Peacock Premium Plus streaming site. Many people were upset that the show's seasons were no longer on Netflix. One of "The Office" viewers stated, " Removing The Office from Netflix was one of the worse business moves in history."

What Streaming Service Can You Watch "The Office" On?

You can sign up for NBC's streaming platform Peacock for those who still want to watch "The Office." You can watch the first two seasons with no payment or subscription with the free sign-up. There is even behind-the-scenes footage of the cast members included in the free tier.

However, you can take a monthly subscription on the platform to view all nine seasons. You can enjoy seven-day free trials from now onwards, and the subscriptions start as low as $4.99.

Peacock, NBC's Own Streaming Service

"The Office" leaving Netflix was a bold decision between the two media companies, and rightfully so. NBC and Peacock Premium hope to be a prominent competitor of Amazon Prime Video and wish to draw more attention to its service through the hit television series.

With all nine seasons readily available on the platform, you can get back to laughing at the extravaganzas at Dunder Mifflin with Michael Scott, Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kailing), and the crew as if you are watching them on Netflix. NBC knows that "The Office" is an award-winning series, and Steve Carrel is an esteemed actor, hence this significant move.


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Will "The Office" Ever Return to Netflix?

Steve Carell and the other actors from the series have no say if "The Office" will be shown on Netflix ever again. "The Office" leaving Netflix is one of the biggest things to happen to fans in 2021, and it led many of them to head to Twitter to display their sadness and disgust.

Unfortunately, no matter how much people complain, it looks like there is no going back to Netflix for a series. What was once an ad-free stream from Netflix is now on an entirely new platform, and it's time to get used to it as nothing will be changing shortly.


"The Office" was a fantastic series that people worldwide have enjoyed. It is a funny comedy show that features well-known actors and is highly acclaimed by audiences globally. Just because the show has left the Netflix platform doesn't mean you can't watch it anymore. It may be time for you to get a subscription to NBC's Peacock for your season's binge-watching requirements.

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