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Do You Know The Car That Dwight Schrute Drives?

Do You Know The Car That Dwight Schrute Drives?

The Office has to be one of the most iconic shows between 2005 and 2013. It had strikingly relatable moments with charismatic characters, you’d never afford to forget. No wonder the show remains in many people’s hearts to date. From Michael Scott, Andy Bernard, to Jim Halpert, they put up a decent show at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

But, we’re sure of all these characters, Mr. Dwight Kurt Schrute III (Rainn Wilson) had an outstanding performance. 

Throughout the nine seasons, he portrayed a strong personality and once described himself as “alpha male, merciless, hardworking, insatiable.” So fitting was his description that Dwight repeatedly attempts to get the Regional Manager position at Dunder Mifflin Scranton while still a paper salesman. During his screen time in The Office, Dwight drives a few cars. While we can’t describe him as a car enthusiast, he seems to love the presence of an iconic ride. 


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First Car

The first instance Dwight claims to own a car was in the first episode, where he mentioned that he bought and revamped a 1978 Nissan 280Z. Interestingly, the car doesn’t appear in the show until the third season during the episode “Grief Counseling.” But it looks as if there was a continuation error as the car in season 3 is a bronze 1979 Nissan Datsun 280ZX. 

The second automotive we see Dwight with is the infamous maroon 1987 Pontiac Trans Am hugely associated with Dwight's character. This vintage American muscle car premiered in the episode “The Fire '' in season 2, so we can safely say that he owned two or more cars. 


Dwights Pontiac


The maroon Pontiac Firebird was produced from 1967 to 2002 and portrayed as a competitor to Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and similar cars. Mr. Schrute’s 1987 Trans Am was Pontiac’s third-generation release of firebirds which was highly fuel-efficient. The 5-liter V8 TPI engine charged the car from 0 to 60mph in 7.29 seconds, an impressive performance for its day. 

Apart from “The Fire” episode in season 2, we see Dwight’s 1987 in various episodes across the show. Here are some iconic moments Dwight’s firebird was featured in The Office. 

The Injury” (season two, episode 12) 

In this episode, Michael accidentally burns his foot on a Grill and calls The Office where Me Schrute hurries to help him. While on the move, he crashes his Pontiac Firebird into a pole giving him a mild concussion. He later shakes it off and continues with his mission to save Michael. 

“The Merger”(season three, episode 8)

When the two offices from Scranton and Stanford merged, the team had a hard time getting used to each other. We see Andy and Dwight trying to get at each other. Andy throws shade on Dwight’s car, calling it a “dork mobile.” Dwight retaliates and disses Andy’s Nissan Xterra saying “Xterra’s not even a real world.” 

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“Free Family Portrait Studio” (Season eight, episode 24)

After Dwight maliciously obtains baby Phillip’s diaper to do a DNA test, he finds himself in a chase with Angela. Dwight decided to call his cousin Mose, who comes in an identical 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am to throw off Angela and lose her. 

The final part where we see Dwight’s car is a year after the end of the main show in a certain “documentary.” Mr. Schrut is seen driving a 2012 Header Orange Dodge Challenger SRT8. 

What Car Does Dwight Schrute Drive In Real Life?

Now that you know Mr. Schrute’s car possessions in The Office, have you ever thought if he had the same taste in real life? Well, he certainly has an indifferent taste, and it’s the complete opposite of his character in The Office. 

Dwight Schrute owns a small electric BMW i3 featuring a dark two-tone paint of gray and black. It is certainly not the type of car you’d expect Dwight to drive in real life. Most fans, car experts, and critics would expect him to have at least a pickup, muscle car, or stick to his classic 1987 Pontiac Trans Am. 

While 1987 was a V8, the i3 seems somehow disconnected from the current world, almost like something from the future. Ironically, both the i3 and the 1987 firebird have similar performance figures. 


BMW that Ranin Wilson drives in real life

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dwight Schrute’s car now?

In the 2009 season, Andy sells Dwight Schrute an Xterra owned by a hair stylist on the show in real life. After the car premiered in the “Did I Stutter?” episode, it was sold on eBay following souvenirs. There is scanty information on Dwight Schrute's 1987 Pontiac Trans Am. 

What is a Pontiac Firebird?

The Pontiac Firebird is an American manufacturing machine that was built and distributed by Pontiac from 1967 to 2002. It was first introduced on February 23, 1967, just a few months after Camaro was released. 

Why was everyone’s car dirty in The Office?

Since the award-winning TV show was shot in California, the creatives had to make it look like the cars were based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. So, they intentionally painted the cars with the dirt during winter scenes and they’d offer a free car wash after the shoot. 

Do they actually drive in The Office?

Yes. The driving scenes in the office are genuine, including the part when they drove the car into a real lake. (Season 4, “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”). But it’s common to see most films use props or a trailer to carry and move the car instead of the characters driving. In open vehicles such as convertibles, the crew may use a special tow car to pull the car which the actors are “driving.” 



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Who Plays Kelly Kapoor in the Hit TV Series “The Office"?

Who Plays Kelly Kapoor in the Hit TV Series “The Office"?

When it comes to making a great film, the importance of getting the casting right cannot be underestimated. A lot of times the choice of actor/actress for a particular role can determine the overall success or failure of a project. Such was the case when the producers of the TV series The Office, hired Kaling for the role of Kelly Kapoor.

The Office was the brainchild of screenwriter Greg Daniels and originally aired from 2005 to 2013. Mindy Kaling herself worked as a production assistant on the show for quite some time. The series centered on the daily working lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, focusing on their various life struggles and romantic interactions.

On the first day, Kelly Kapoor walked into Dunder Mifflin, the struggling newspaper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the audience immediately fell in love with the then buttoned-down customer service representative. The Office already had a stellar cast on the show, such as well-known comedian Steve Carell, and the talent of Mindy Kaling portraying Kelly Kapoor was just what was needed to propel the mockumentary to greater heights.

It, therefore, came as a great shock, and source of sadness, for much of the huge fan base of The Office, when Kelly Kapoor left Dunder Mifflin at the end of season 8 of the show. Her absence continued right until she returned for the series finale at the end of season 9. Such was the impact that Mindy Kaling had on the success of the show.


stickers of Kelly Kapoor


About Mindy Kaling

A bachelor's degree in playwriting from Dartmouth College was the perfect start that Mindy Kaling needed to kick start her soon-to-be-great acting career. From small acting roles to being the executive producer for very successful American TV shows, Kaling has done it all in the television industry.

Early Life

Born Vera Mindy Chokalingam in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Indian parents who immigrated to the United States in 1979, Mindy attended Buckingham Browne and Nichols private school in Cambridge. She has an elder brother named Vijay. Growing up she never knew the heights that her career would later reach.

Mindy Kaling's Acting Career

Before taking on the role of Kelly Kapoor, Mindy's career began on stage, performing as a standup comedian, touring with fellow comedians, such as Craig Robinson. She did a lot of small acting roles, and even a bit of writing, as evidenced by her blog, Things I've Bought That I Love, before finally landing her break-out role as the fictional character, Kelly Kapoor.

While her work on the TV show, The Office, is one of her most popular TV appearances, Mindy Kaling has worked on a lot of other notable projects such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, License to Wed, Wreck-It Ralph, and, more recently, Oceans 8. Besides acting, she has done a lot of writing, directing, and producing on various shows throughout her career.

One of her most significant film industry contributions is her role as an actor, creator, writer, and producer for the hit show, The Mindy Show. This romantic comedy began airing in 2012 on Fox and finally concluded its run of six seasons on Hulu in 2017.


Throughout her career, Mindy Kaling has won numerous awards and accolades for her work on various TV and silver screen projects. Some of the memorable awards that she received for her work on The Office include:

  • Screen Actors Guild Awards - Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy series

  • Writers Guild of America Awards - Comedy Series

  • Asian Excellence Awards - Supporting Television Actress

Her work on The Mindy Project earned her the following recognition:

  • Critics' Choice Television Awards - Most Exciting New Series

  • Gracie Awards - Outstanding Producer - Entertainment

  • Gracie Awards - Outstanding Female Actor - Comedy

Working on the Set of The Office

Regarding her time spent working with the cast and crew of The Office, Mindy Kaling has described it as one of the most rewarding experiences of her career. Even today, years after leaving the project, her role portraying Kelly continues to have a significant impact on her acting career.

Mindy Kaling was part of the cast and crew of The Office from 2005 to 2013, with only a brief hiatus towards the end of the series. Kaling has often talked about her time as one of only two female writers on a staff of 14, at one time saying guys always wanted to have sex with her on a daily basis at work. Some people from General Electric finally had to come in and have a talk with them before a lawsuit happened.

However, overall, her on-set experience while part of the team of The Office was a pleasant one from which she gained a lot of experience, which she would benefit from on future projects such as The Mindy Project.

Kelly Kapoor

As a stereotypically buttoned-down and down-to-earth Indian woman, with a very memorable laugh, Kelly Kapoor first appeared on the second episode of The Office titled Diversity Day. Even though some of the other characters on the show are more central to the plot, Kelly Kapoor never the less had a great following among the show's audience.

Over the years, Kelly has had a lot of memorable appearances on the show, some of which are as follows:

Kelly Wears White to Phyllis's Wedding

In this hilarious episode, Kelly committed the wedding taboo of taboos by wearing white to Phyllis' wedding. Her hilarious excuse was that it was an emergency because "she looked very good in white." Needless to say, this did not go down well with the bride, who had her own problems already after copying everything about the wedding of Pam Beesly.

"How Dare You?"

One of the major plot points of The Office was the toxic relationship between Kelly and Ryan. In this episode, Ryan returns to the office after a promotion. The effect of this promotion has an effect on both the office dynamics and the relationship between Ryan and Kelly. A situation which is summed up in classic Kelly fashion by the question/statement "how dare you?"

Kelly Does the "Master Cleanse"

Kelly begins an ill-conceived master cleanse in a bid to win the office weight loss competition. She drinks a concoction of lemon water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper until she starts to throw up uncontrollably and develops rings under her eyes. The climax is the final weigh-in where Kelly faints after discovering that instead of losing weight, she has actually gained.

Kelly Describes the Difference Between Smack Talk and Trash Talk

To Kelly, the difference between smack talk and trash talk can be easily explained by saying, “I don't talk trash, I talk smack.” She goes on to hilariously try to explain the difference between the two phrases, adding a few saucy examples for good measure, much to the confusion of all those who are listening. Kelly, undeterred, maintains that there is a genuine difference between smack talk and trash talk.

Faking a Pregnancy with Ryan

The see-saw relationship between Ryan and Kelly takes a weird turn when a disgraced Ryan returns to the office after dismally failing in management, only to find that Kelly still wants him back. In a bid to win Ryan back, everyone is shocked to hear Kelly announce that she is pregnant, although only Ryan is gullible enough to believe it.


candle of Ryan started the fire

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Kelly Explains Netflix to Ryan

When the ever-trendy and up-to-date Kelly tries to explain Netflix to Ryan, a very confusing and hilarious monologue ensues. Needless to say, Ryan is not any clearer on how to use Netflix, then he was before Kelly's roundabout explanation.

Kelly Brands Herself As the "The Business Bitch"

At a business diversity training seminar held by Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), Kelly takes the opportunity to proclaim herself "the business bitch," about her business acumen. However, it turns out that Kelly knows very little about business. She also takes the opportunity to brand herself the "Shopping bitch," "Diet bitch," and "Etiquette bitch" for good measure.

Why Kelly Left Dunder Mifflin

Kelly's exit from The Office caught a lot of viewers by surprise because she had grown into one of the show's most central characters. However, her leaving can be connected in part, to her break up with Ryan and subsequent relationship with the handsome pediatrician, named Ravi.

The result of this whirlwind romance is that Kelly ends up giving away most of her clothes as she prepares to go to Florida with Ravi, who has just been offered a teaching post at Miami University. Unbeknownst to Kelly, Ravi is actually going to be teaching in Ohio, not Miami.

In an obvious attempt to move on from her ex-boyfriend Ryan, Kelly goes along with Ravi, effectively resigning from Dunder Mifflin, and is not seen again on The Office until the show's finale. While Ravi and Kelly continue with their relationship, Ryan, in the meantime, has no choice but to also move on and manages to get into a steady relationship that results in his son Drake, being born.

It is not until Dwight and Angela's wedding that Kelly returns alongside Ravi, only to find that she still has feelings for Ryan. Thus the never-ending saga of Ryan and Kelly picks off right where it left off. The show concludes, when Kelly asks Ryan to leave Drake behind, as the two of them head off to start a new life together.


A lot of times, a TV show transcends the realm of entertainment and becomes a part of our everyday lives. Such was the case when Mindy Kaling decided to take up the role of Kelly Kapoor - for fans of the show, she will forever be one of the funniest and most memorable characters of the hit show, The Office.


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Who Were The Office Warehouse Workers? A Closer Look At The Cast

Who Were The Office Warehouse Workers? A Closer Look At The Cast

The Office has become one of the most adored TV shows of the previous few decades following its 2013 finale. Endless hours have been spent relaxing within Dunder Mifflin's weird, lovable, and humorous embrace.

The series, which is portrayed as if it were an actual documentary, chronicles the daily lives of office workers at the fictitious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Pennsylvania.

After winning the lottery, the warehouse employees decide to quit, leaving Andy Bernard Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson) and (Ed Helms) scrambling to find replacements. At the same time, Erin Kemper (Ellie Kemper), Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner), and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) get to experience life as warehouse workers.

If you want to know more about a few members of the warehouse crew and where they are now, keep reading!


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Most Popular Warehouse Workers

In addition to these main characters in the series, there were a number of other warehouse staff that played an important role in the comedy series.


Glenn is a warehouse worker that actor Calvin Tenner played. In the series, he worked at a port and first appeared in the episode "Sexual Harassment," where he sees a sexual harassment film provided by corporate, and then returns in "Boys and Girls," when Michael organizes a class for all the male warehouse workers.


The Office warehouse worker Glen


In the episode "Grief Counseling," Dwight tells Phillip and Glenn to sweep up the burned ashes after Michael arranges a cremation for a dead bird (which, in reality, reflects his grief over the recent demise of his former employer, Ed Truck).

He runs in Michael's Fun Run for Rabies in the fourth season's premiere and was the second employee to reach the finish line and later creates an energy drink company with Hidetoshi Hasagawa (Yakuza boss).

Tenner has mostly stayed on the small screen and he played Buntry in the 2018 USA series Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.  One of his most important roles, on the other hand, was not part of any series or film at all.

In an endearingly odd 2018 Geico commercial, Tenner portrayed a frantic father. He has also served as a stuntman on episodes such as "Ghosted" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in addition to acting.


Phillip Pickard, played by Craig Robinson, wasn't a new warehouse worker but is rather depicted as an old worker. He appears initially in "Basketball" and then again in "The Alliance." In "Boys and Girls," he is there when Michael delivers a lecture for all the male members of staff in the warehouse and is also seen in the warehouse on "Casino Night."


Philip The Office warehouse worker


He also helps Glenn clean up the ashes in "Grief Counselling"  and is in the  deleted scene in "The Merger." 

Lonny Collins

Patrice O'Neal plays Lonnis "Lonny" Collins, who is a warehouse worker at the dock. He joins Darryl in open demonstrations of annoyance and intimidation directed at Michael. The character also became an outspoken supporter of Darryl's efforts to form a union, highlighting the low wages that he earns as a warehouse worker when compared to office workers.


Patrice Oneal as Lonny


He's most known for shouting at Michael after he completely destroyed the warehouse and also making fun of him in front of the office workers at Darryl's safety training course when he repeatedly disrupted the session with his pretentiousness. 

Check out the Best Of The Warehouse video below:


Other Popular Characters In The Cast

Michael Scott

Michael Gary Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the main character of the show, and for the first seven seasons, he worked as the Regional Manager of the company. However, in the fifth season, he leaves for a while to establish his own paper company with Ryan Howard and Pam Beesly. In the sixth season, he occupies a co-managerial position alongside Jim Halpert.

He proposes to Holly Flax, an HR worker, and leaves for Colorado to tend to her elderly parents at the close of the seventh season, handing the managerial position to Deangelo Vickers in "Goodbye, Michael."

The character also leaves the position to Andy Bernard in season eight, after Vickers' brain death, and finally Dwight Schrute in season nine. Michael makes his final appearance in the last season as an unexpected visitor at Dwight's wedding.

Carell earned widespread recognition for his role and was considered for the Primetime Emmy Award for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series six times in a row. He also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series in 2006.

Angela Martin

Angela Noelle Schrute is a fictitious character played by actress Angela Kinsey in the American version of the comedy series. Sheila from the first season of The Office inspired her character.

She is presented as the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin's senior accountant, leader of the Party Planning Committee, and health and safety officer. Her character represents the branch's stiffer, more serious side.

However, in the second season, she has a secret romance with colleague Dwight Schrute, with whom she had a kid in the eighth season and goes on to marry him in season nine. 

This romance continues in the fourth season, even though she is betrothed to Andy Bernard, a businessman. She also had a brief relationship with Robert Lipton, the Pennsylvania State Senator, who was thought to be the father of her son, Phillip, at the time. Dwight referred to her as " Monkey " to ensure that their relationship was kept a secret.

Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute III, played by Rainn Wilson, worked as a salesman at the paper distribution company before being promoted to assistant regional manager and then the regional manager in the last season.

He also managed a bed and breakfast at Schrute Farms, where Dunder Mifflin Scranton is located, beginning in season seven. The character is famous for his social ineptitude and lack of common sense and his passion for martial arts and the legal system.

Jim Halpert

James Halpert is played by actor John Krasinski and is executive producer Greg Daniels' childhood pal.  He is also one of the few major characters in the series whose middle name is never disclosed.

The character is presented as a salesperson at Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch in season three before being briefly transferred to the Stamford branch. He then becomes Assistant Regional Manager once the two branches merge and later becomes a co-manager with Michael.

Pam Beesly

Pamela Morgan Halpert, played by actress Jenna Fischer, starts as a secretary at the Dunder Mifflin paper distribution company, then progresses to a saleswoman and ultimately an office administrator before leaving in the finale episode.

Her personality is bashful at first, but she becomes forceful and artistically minded as the series progresses. She also has a romantic interest in Jim Halpert, and she begins dating him in season four. Later, she goes on to marry him and start a family.

Final Thoughts

The Office is an addictive comedy sitcom that still has fans reeling several years later. The characters are memorable and relatable, which has led to the success of this series. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the cast of this classic comedy series!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of your most asked questions.

1. Which Warehouse Worker Gets Fired in the Series?

Michael was compelled to fire someone due to downsizing. Despite his initial attempt to terminate Creed, he persuaded him that Devon was an even worse employee and that he ought to be fired instead. As a result, Michael dismissed Devon, who was dressed as a beggar for Halloween.

2. Why Is The Office So Addictive?

It's more than simply brilliant one-liners and the Jim and Pam love tale that keeps people watching the series. The Office is a group production which implies that there are many psychological points of entry and emotional hooks to engage with in the show. 

In the framework of workplace conflicts and interpersonal interactions, people can identify with a wide range of scenarios.

To put it another way, the series is more relatable than other shows since you can be as familiarly bored as Jim or as annoyed as Oscar with your colleague's ignorance on any given day.



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Will The Office Ever Return To Netflix & Why They Removed It!

Will The Office Ever Return To Netflix & Why They Removed It!

Another new year and more additional changes by Netflix confirmed. The streaming platform has removed "The Office" for good. However, the question is, why did Netflix remove "The Office?"

Ever since it hit our television screens, "The Office" has been a source of entertainment! The Netflix streaming service blessed its audiences by bringing the show to its own streaming service. In 2019, the company confirmed that the series would no longer be available to the streaming world as of January 1, 2021.


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The Real Reason Netflix Removed "The Office?"

On June 26, 2019, "The Office" leaving Netflix was revealed when NBC ended its contract with the streaming platform. This meant that Netflix could not showcase any of the media outlet's shows.

The primary reason behind this is that NBC's streaming service "Peacock" had just been launched. With NBC's own streaming platform, the enterprise was able to display all of the "The Office" episodes without an intermediary.

Netflix even tweeted about this in 2019, saying that they are sad that NBC decided to take "The Office" to its new streaming service, but viewers could binge watch the show until the streaming rights were taken away in January 2021.

Once the shows are out of other streaming platforms and Netflix, Peacock hopes viewers will be drawn to their Peacock Premium Plus streaming site. Many people were upset that the show's seasons were no longer on Netflix. One of "The Office" viewers stated, " Removing The Office from Netflix was one of the worse business moves in history."

What Streaming Service Can You Watch "The Office" On?

You can sign up for NBC's streaming platform Peacock for those who still want to watch "The Office." You can watch the first two seasons with no payment or subscription with the free sign-up. There is even behind-the-scenes footage of the cast members included in the free tier.

However, you can take a monthly subscription on the platform to view all nine seasons. You can enjoy seven-day free trials from now onwards, and the subscriptions start as low as $4.99.

Peacock, NBC's Own Streaming Service

"The Office" leaving Netflix was a bold decision between the two media companies, and rightfully so. NBC and Peacock Premium hope to be a prominent competitor of Amazon Prime Video and wish to draw more attention to its service through the hit television series.

With all nine seasons readily available on the platform, you can get back to laughing at the extravaganzas at Dunder Mifflin with Michael Scott, Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kailing), and the crew as if you are watching them on Netflix. NBC knows that "The Office" is an award-winning series, and Steve Carrel is an esteemed actor, hence this significant move.


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Will "The Office" Ever Return to Netflix?

Steve Carell and the other actors from the series have no say if "The Office" will be shown on Netflix ever again. "The Office" leaving Netflix is one of the biggest things to happen to fans in 2021, and it led many of them to head to Twitter to display their sadness and disgust.

Unfortunately, no matter how much people complain, it looks like there is no going back to Netflix for a series. What was once an ad-free stream from Netflix is now on an entirely new platform, and it's time to get used to it as nothing will be changing shortly.


"The Office" was a fantastic series that people worldwide have enjoyed. It is a funny comedy show that features well-known actors and is highly acclaimed by audiences globally. Just because the show has left the Netflix platform doesn't mean you can't watch it anymore. It may be time for you to get a subscription to NBC's Peacock for your season's binge-watching requirements.

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The Office - Ranking the Best Christmas Episodes

The Office - Ranking the Best Christmas Episodes

The Office has a lot of great episodes with a lot of beautiful moments. Not to forget times when we could witness how Michael (see all our Michael Scott merch) was a decent employer, or times when we could see some of the series' most heart-warming moments.

Holidays are a time to spread joy, laughter, and togetherness. The Office always puts on a fantastic show throughout the holidays, whether for Christmas, Diwali, or a simple Secretary Day Celebration. The majority of the holiday episodes featured Dunder Mifflin's employees participating in some form of dysfunctional holiday party to celebrate the true spirit of the festival.

Christmas for the majority, entails trimming the tree, preparing holiday cookies, and singing carols with their best friends. Fans of The Office can expect an unending supply of great food as well as a mandatory viewing of all The Office Christmas episodes.

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During its tenure on NBC, the sitcom produced nine Christmas episodes (It’s surprising that not all the seasons have Christmas episodes but there are a few seasons with two episodes solely dedicated to Christmas). They range from being amusing to emotional to insulting.

Everything from drunken blunders (there’s a lot of them) to unwelcome trips to rehab to absolute sadness is mined for comedy gold in the hands of this group. Not every episode can be a hit, some have aged better than the others, but if you and your family are looking for something to watch this holiday season, your pals at Dunder Mifflin are always ready to engage you in their own ways.

There are seven great Office Christmas episodes. Season one, which premiered in March and only contained six episodes, and season four, halted because of the Writers strike in 2007–2008, missed having Christmas episodes in them.


Michael Scott at Christmas


Christmas with Dunder Mifflin- Lamest to Naughtiest

Christmas Wishes (Season 8, Episode 10)

Season 8 of The Office was, on the whole, a disappointment. Michael had left Dunder Mifflin the previous season, and the show didn't feel the same, and so did the episode "Christmas Wishes." Excited to show off his new cross-country girlfriend as the new boss of the office, Nard Dog(Andy) is the man in the red hat this year.

On the other hand, Robert California, who’s the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin/Sabre after David Wallace and a newly divorced man, has also become a member of the party (He’s wearing a tracksuit and blazer combo that screams for help). Andy swears to honour his employees' wishes while also introducing them to his new girlfriend. Even Jim and Dwight are punished for their frequent pranks on one another, which is one of the series' most vital recurring elements.

However, this episode suffers from Pam's absence (she's on maternity leave), as well as Robert's awkward attempt to hit on drunken and jealous Erin and to ply her with the drink. (Although nothing occurs in the end, the innuendo is enough to make you uncomfortable). The first holiday without a consistently offensive-yet-lovable employer is always the most difficult, making the holiday episode more gloomy than joyous.

Dwight Christmas (Season 9, Episode 9)

Throughout Season 9 of The Office, there were many ups and downs. Again, Michael was absent from this episode, as were Ryan and Kelly, two long-running characters. Phyllis cheekily "forgets" to plan a Christmas party, which was her way of further blackmailing Angela, whom she knows is having an affair with her husband. With his concept for a Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas celebration, Dwight, the episode's titular character, gets to work. Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas includes repulsive beverages, unappealing food alternatives, German poem readings, and Belsnickel, a switch-carrying fur-covered gift-bringer.

While depending on standard plotlines to carry it through, "Dwight Christmas" has to be one of the most innovative episodes of the series. When Jim has to leave in the middle, Dwight and Jim's relationship comes to a head. It's a satisfying episode with a lot of emotional reward as the series' last Christmas episode. Dwight is visibly distressed by Jim's departure, and it's one of the first occasions the viewers witness how much he feels for him. Dwight is pleased to see Jim when he chooses to postpone his trip until the next day. Of course, Jim returns mostly to be with Pam, which neatly rounds out the episode.

Andy (now dating Erin) looks to be taking a break from their relationship, spending more time away from her sailing the Caribbean, causing her to gravitate toward Pete. Darryl is in excruciating pain as a result of Jim's imagined betrayal. Jimmy boy, thankfully, pulls through at the end and saves himself from Darryl's anger. Toby, too, has reason to be pleased this holiday season. It's a fine episode with some moving moments, but it falls short of being the best.

A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, Episodes 10 - 11)

"It's a bold move to photoshop yourself into a picture with your girlfriend and her kids on a ski trip with their real father. But then again, Michael is a bold guy." - Jim.

Michael, in a lot of sorrow, plans on cancelling the corporate Christmas party which was scheduled for later that day after doing a superb job of torpedoing his relationship with Carol. Meanwhile, the party gets out of hand when Pam and Karen form a party planning committee to compete with Angela's, which she governs over with an iron fist.

Andy takes Michael to Benihana to cheer him up, seeing this as an opportunity to sweeten his way up to Michael's good books. The humour is brilliant, but it also poses a dilemma. Andy distracts Michael from his breakup with Carol by getting Michael drunk on Nog-a-sakes (one-part eggnog, three parts sake) and promoting flirtation with the waitress.

While funny at times, this episode has a storyline that is racist. Particularly for a comedy, and even for a show that aired in 2006, the ramifications are unavoidable. The episode ends with the entire staff singing along to a karaoke machine and Michael inviting a special someone to Sandals Jamaica.

Moroccan Christmas (Season 5, Episode 11)

Phyllis takes command of the festivities after blackmailing Angela with details about her affair with Dwight. She goes to great lengths to establish herself as the Party Planning Committee's legitimate chairperson. To spice things up, Phyllis, who is now the head of the party planning committee, throws a Moroccan-themed Christmas party. Meredith's binge drinking, however, pulls the party to a halt when her hair catches fire.

Michael tries to stage an intervention for Meredith, but as we know him, he ends up insulting poor Meredith and making her feel terrible about herself instead of helping. Finally, he brings Meredith to a rehabilitation centre, only to discover that patients must willingly admit themselves.

With Dwight falling into his gift-wrapped (by Jim) "desk" (which isn't there), this episode wins the title for best Christmas cold open and greatest Christmas prank. Dwight buys and resells the season's favourite toys, Princess Unicorn dolls, to anxious parents at an outrageous markup in one of the funniest Christmas B-plots ever.

The episode ends with Phyllis disclosing to the whole office about Angela having an affair with Dwight. 

Well, isn't it true that the holidays bring out the best in everyone?


a very Dunder Mifflin Christmas book

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Christmas Party (Season 2, Episode 10.)

The first in a long line of consistently amusing holiday stories that begin with a Secret Santa gift exchange, the Christmas party isn't flawless.

"Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It's like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, "Hey, man, I love you this many dollars' worths." - Michael Scott.

Unfortunately, The first two seasons of The Office were pale compared to the show's remarkable middle period. The characters are still coming out of their shells; Ryan portrays them as sensible, and Kelly is abnormally silent.

Michael converts their pre-planned Secret Santa exchange into an intense white elephant game (Yankee-swap) in this episode, leaving everyone fighting over the most costly gift: an iPod, which Michael purchased particularly for Ryan by going over the budget of $20.

Michael and Dwight sitting at Christmas

Image Credits: IMDB. Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson in The Office (2005)

This episode is a complete shambles. From everyone wanting to get the video iPod and on the other hand, Jim wishing to get the teapot he bought filled with souvenirs and give it to Pam. In the end, Michael buys many bottles of vodka to make up for the mess he made - but somehow, all of this craziness comes together to form a hilarious Christmas episode.

We never learn what was in the message Jim wrote Pam to accompany the teapot (He finally gives it to her in the final season). In a recent interview, Jenna Fischer (Pam) did provide some insight on the subject.

Secret Santa (Season 6, Episode 13)

In season 6, bad news from Dunder Mifflin headquarters threatens to dampen the festive spirit. Even so, this episode will kill you with laughter.

Because Jim was recently promoted to Assistant Manager, Phyllis can play Santa this year without informing Michael, who arrives in his own Santa outfit to cause mayhem. Once again, Michael refuses to renounce his self-appointed status as Santa Claus, resulting in a feud between the two Santas (which eventually turned to a battle between Santa and Jesus Christ, which as we know is an age-old rivalry).

 The Office Christmas party

Image Credits: Peacock. Peacock is spreading its wings worldwide.

With memorable sequences like Kevin sitting on Michael's lap, Pam playing matchmaker for Oscar and Matt from the warehouse, and Dwight eventually piecing together Michael's Secret Santa gift with childlike joy, "Secret Santa" is one of The Office's funniest episodes. After Michael's selfish and immature behaviour about the Santa incident, the episode does excellent at humanising him. It's an intense episode with no dull moments, and it still holds up years after it first aired, with the drama of Dunder Mifflin being bought.

Classy Christmas (Season 7, Episodes 11 & 12)

"The name is Bond. Santa Bond." - Michael

If "Secret Santa" in Season 6 was Michael at his worst, "Classy Christmas" in Season 7 was Michael at his best. In this final Christmas episode with Michael, he learns that Holly will be returning to Dunder Mifflin. As a result, Michael freaks out, cancels the entire Christmas party that Pam planned, and opts to arrange a 'Classy Christmas' party to impress her, ditching the Santa suit entirely in favour of a red-velvet jacket only to learn that Holly is still with A.J.

He manages to irritate her by destroying a gift from her partner and then bringing up their potential children in the conversation, which, of course, the entire Scranton branch witnesses. Fortunately, when Holly lies to her boyfriend about what happened to protect Michael, all hope is not lost.

Image Credits: BAMFC STYLE. Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, John Krasinski, Leslie David Baker, and Steve Carell in “Classy Christmas”, the seventh season holiday episode of The Office.

Daryll connects with his kid, Pam gives Jim a homemade comic book, and Dwight (see all our Dwight merch) and Jim have a brutal snowball fight that culminates in bloody noses and damaged windows. It condenses a season's worth of pranks into an hour, making Dwight the prankster rather than the prankee. As said by Dwight, "In the end, the greatest snowball isn't a snowball at all. It's fear. Merry Christmas."

While amusing, this episode also has some heartfelt family moments, reminding viewers of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Wrap Up

You could always count on the Party Planning Committee to go all out with particular themes, décor, and snacks to guarantee a memorable evening. To the boss dressing up as Santa Claus every year, and someone getting a little too tipsy- it wasn’t always Meredith, these Christmas escapades produced some of the show's funniest and most-loved episodes, each of which is special in its own way.

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Ever Wondered Who Wrote The Office Theme Song?

Ever Wondered Who Wrote The Office Theme Song?

The Office is a legendary sitcom known for its comical plot and theme song. The bouncy and melodic theme song that greets you in the opening credits is a sound anticipation to a mundane yet comedic story that is The Office

But did you know that a week before The Office premiered, they had to replace the theme music? The selection process wasn’t easy, but thanks to the picky deliberation, a sensational song was born. 

Read to find out the history and the musicians behind the legendary opening sequence of The Office.

The Writer And Composer

We owe the success of this sensational jingle to composer James Ferguson, the genius behind The Office theme song. Also known as Jay Ferguson, he is famously known for his music on other shows like the Women's Murder Club and Charlie's Angels, which are hits on their own right.  

Ferguson was a 70s rock/pop star, and a friend of Greg Daniels, the producer of the American version of the show. He was called in at the last minute to rewrite a new theme song for the opening credits. This masterpiece was composed at the last minute, after the first choice song was scratched and replaced with the melodic piano and drums accompaniment that we know today.

Although Jay Ferguson had to cram the theme song, the catchy and nostalgic beat he created is a jam that perfectly fits the tone of the show. Guess it was a match made in heaven!


One week before the show premiered its first episode of the first season, the Scrantones recorded the song. Prior to that, the Scrantones did not even exist yet. This musical group consists of guitarist Bob Thiele Jr., pianist Dillon O'Brian, drummer Brian Macleod, and bassist Hal Cragin.

Bob and Greg are great friends so when Greg played the demo and asked for Bob’s opinion of it, they both thought a band rendition could bring out its whimsical quality. Bob, who is already an Emmy nominee for his jazz composition on the film Bernard and Doris, called his friends and son after, met at Record Plant in Hollywood where they recorded the song. 


music sheet for the office theme song

The Theme Songs That Could’ve Been

The Office star Rainn Wilson a.ka. Dwight Schrute revealed in his new memoir The Bassoon King, that many songs and different artists were considered before Jay Ferguson's composition was chosen.

Here are the top 3 pop classics that could've been the theme song and the reasons why they were scrapped.


dwight shrute coffee mug


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1. “Better Things” by The Kinks

This song is performed by one of the most influential rock bands in the 1960s, popular for making music that reflects the British lifestyle. And though the song gives off the melancholic yet comforting and whimsical vibe, they had to scrap it because the lyrics would be a better fit for the British remake of The Office, says Rainn Wilson.   

 2.”Float On” by Modest Mouse

This song is a shift from the usual idiosyncrasy and darkly comical music Modest Mouse makes. This one is warm and comforting especially in its famous line, “If things end up a bit too heavy, we'll all float on."

And though it was famous among the cast, even advocated by John Krasinski and Angela Kinsey, the lyrics were deemed to be unfit to the context of the character’s lives.  

3. “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

Last but not the least, the (second) favorite choice was Electric Light Orchestra's, “Mr. Blue Sky”. According to Wilson, this song's “jubilant, upbeat refrain would have fit perfectly over the drab video of the opening credits.”  And though it brings out warmth in the seemingly dull office life, perfect for the vibe they were going for, “Mr. Blue Sky” was first claimed by another NBC TV show called LAX.

How Was The Theme Song Chosen?

If there were two other top choices that were available to use, why was Jay Ferguson's composition chosen above all else?

Turns out it was a democratic choice! The Office stars Steve Carell (Michael Scott), Jenna Fischer (Pam), John Krasinski (Jim Halpert), and the rest of the cast and staff voted on the song that best mirrors the theme of the show.

As it turns out, The Scrantones' and Jay Ferguson's creation is an even better fit than Mr. Blue Sky. Even without lyrics, the simple melody is enough to convey the hilarious, heartfelt, and nostalgic nature of the show –  the same feeling we crave for in our mundane everyday lives.


The theme song may have been a last minute decision because they had to let go of “Mr.Blue Sky” , their first choice which was apparently claimed by a different TV series. Regardless, everything worked out thanks to Jay Ferguson’s beautiful composition and  the Scrantones’ crammed yet perfect performance. 

Despite its quirky history and simplicity, it became critically acclaimed  – just like the series it was written for. 

Do you love The Office? Get your customized The Office Merchandise now! 

Listen to the theme song below:


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We All Know Michael Hates Toby.......But Why?

We All Know Michael Hates Toby.......But Why?

The Office is likely to come to mind when you think of the most popular television shows of the past few decades. Whether you've only seen a few episodes of the series or can recite the entire show from memory, it's easy to see why the show has remained a pop culture phenomenon for nearly two decades, with plenty of exciting running jokes throughout its run.

One of them, though, stood out from the rest. Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin's Regional Manager, and Toby Flenderson, The Office's human resource representative, have a volatile and enmity relationship.

Ever wondered how much Michael Scott makes? See our article on Michael's salary.

Michael reveals his contempt towards Toby throughout the series. He shouts at him in meetings and tries to frame him for his dismissal, but do you know why Michael despises Toby so much?

Toby appears to be a polite, quiet, and friendly guy from the show's start. At Dunder Mifflin, he's probably the most excellent person, you'd think. Michael, on the other hand, despises him! We all have wondered why that is; why does Michael hate Toby Flenderson so much? Let's find out.


the michael toby fued


Why Does Michael Hate Toby?

Toby Flenderson worked as a Human Resource representative for the Scranton Branch, explaining why Michael Scott despised him. Michael describes him as a corporate employee who is permanently stationed at the Scranton branch.

Because he isn't an employee of the Scranton branch, Michael regards him as a combination of spy, traitor, and invader who is working on filing complaints against them with corporate. With a sneer, Michael says, "Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for corporate, so he's not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's not a part of his family ". On numerous occasions Michael threatened to fire Toby but could not do so due to this issue; Toby is officially a member of upper management. Michael could not bear the lack of authority.

Being a Human resource representative, Because of the majority of Michael's unethical practises, Toby is forced to address him about how corporate expects him to do his job. In the end, Toby and Michael reflect the conflict between employees and upper management.

Toby's job as an HR employee would essentially be to prevent Dunder Mifflin from making stupid mistakes, but as we've seen, he wasn't particularly successful in this regard. Toby has spent his entire career at Dunder Mifflin trying to do the right thing.

He's permanently halting talks before they go too far into the improper, and while his intentions aren't always what he wants, they're always there. He eventually gave up trying; when the topic of rectal things and their impact on Andy's impotence comes up, Erin asks Toby to intervene. Toby can only respond with, "Erin, HR is a joke. I can't do anything about anything."


Michael-Toby Relationship

In Michael’s words, his job is to make office fun for everyone, while Toby, being a HR, his job is to make office lame for everyone. As self-absorbed as Michael is, he believes he is the life of the party/office, and Toby is typically the one who kills the vibe.

Toby's inability to go along with Michael's vibe is like a mirror held up to Michael. Nevertheless, Toby has always wanted to be included in every fun activity happening in the office as he doesn't have much of a life back home. Still, Toby never had such intentions. It reveals the truth that Michael has been avoiding for so long.


I hat toby flenderson

Source: Reddit

Michael has never missed an occasion to disparage Toby. He considers Toby to be his arch-nemesis. Michael had once said, "Toby Flenderson is everything that is wrong with the paper industry." He also once stated, "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be."

Michael has called Toby an "evil snail," "the worst human being ever," a "animal rapist," a "convicted rapist," "Satan," and "the Antichrist" on various occasions. Michael has also gone as far as saying, "If I had a gun with two bullets and were in a room with Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Toby, he would shoot Toby twice." Michael has also physically harmed Toby on several occasions, including throwing a pen at his face and checking him while skating.

In the "Stress Relief" episode, where Michael hosts a Roast show for himself in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse, everyone makes fun of him except Toby. When it was Toby's turn, and he tried to walk towards the stage, Michael immediately yelled, "NO! No, Friends only," emphasising that Michael does not consider Toby to be a friend. For him, he's just a Dunder Mifflin employee.

Even when Toby had returned from a disastrous move to Costa Rica and was continuing his duties as Dunder Mifflin's Human Resource representative, Michael chose to ignore Toby's existence and was already upset about Holly's transfer because corporate found out about their In-office relationship that he skipped going back to the Annex as it was too depressing for him, he never realised that Toby has returned after a few days and was shocked to see him after Jim mentions that he is back.

Watching Toby return was salt to his burns. He lost all his patience and started screaming at Toby. As he saw Toby back in the Annex, his exact words were, "NO, GOD! No, god, please! No! NO! NO! NOOOOOO!" and this is undoubtedly one of the funniest scenes in the entire show.

Micahel then devised a plan to terminate Toby and remove him totally from The Office. In the episode "Frame Toby," we can quickly see how deep his hatred and resentment for Toby is.

To defeat his foe, he sought to go to extremes. To frame Toby, he hid "drugs" in his desk. On the other hand, Poor Michael had no idea what the difference between marijuana and Caprese salad was.

Toby on occasions seems to want Michael's friendship but is too shy to say so. After telling Toby to keep Pam under control, Michael offers a hug to him and deems him a "good person" in"The Lover" episode. Toby displays his delight, believing that "Michael would like me once he gets to know me," but that never happened for Toby. Michael's hatred again comes over as soon as Toby fails to manage Pam.

Toby Was Despised By Everyone Who Rose To The Position Of Manager

Being the human resource representative, Toby was hated by everyone who became the Manager of the Scranton branch, even for a short period. When Jim Halpert became the co-manager, he also agreed with Toby being "The worst ."One time after being the co-manager, when Jim was discussing Michael's affair with Pam's mother and was frustrated to his core, he again shouts at Toby and says, "Not now, TOBY." 

Later in the show, when Andy Bernard becomes the Manager after Michael has left for Colorado with Holly, Andy says, "Now I know why Michael hated you so much," to Toby after he shot down his foolish notion in "New Guys ."Toby also appears to be in denial that Michael disliked him, as evidenced by his response to Andy's comment in this episode, "New Guys," to which Toby replies by saying, "No, he didn't," presumably implying that Toby doesn’t consider Michaels abuses and remarks to be hate comments but just friendly banter.


coffee cup michael scott

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Fan-Theory Why Michael hates Toby

Given that Toby is a divorced parent, his anger for him may stem from reminding him of his father, who abandoned him and her mother when he was a child. Toby could be the unlucky recipient of Michael's pent-up rage.

Michael Scott yearned for a happy family and his children, felt grudges against Toby for failing to make it work with his own family. Michael believes that because Toby is a divorced father, he is no better than his own father and is incapable of adequately raising his daughter. 

Some of the fans also believed that Toby was the real Scranton Strangler.


Fan theories can grow for decades, but according to Paul Lieberstein, wh0 worked on the show as both a writer and an executive producer, Steve Carell(who played the role of Michael Scott) approached him with this short part immediately after Toby steals Michael's joke that he was going to write in a coworker's birthday card in an early episode that never aired on TV.

In an interview, Paul Lieberstein remarked, "I just go in, write something quickly, and leave — that's the scene. But it took me a while to physically write it, and I could feel him watching me and feel that burning. Steve [Carell] told me afterward that it was at that moment that he just decided to hate me so much." 

The Office is a show about a not so normal everyday life of a person working in a paper company. The Office was removed from Netflix for a short while in 2021, but now it's back on the platform; you can watch it on Amazon Prime, Peacock TV, and Netflix. 


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Ever Wondered How Much Michael Scott Made At Dunder Mifflin?

Ever Wondered How Much Michael Scott Made At Dunder Mifflin?

Michael Scott was the regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. He was a hilarious man who had an outgoing personality, making him one of the most beloved bosses on television.

He's been played by actor Steve Carrell on the hit NBC show, The Office.

Coming up with an answer to the question, "How much did Michael Scott make?" is not as easy as one would think. This is because his salary was never actually revealed to the public. However, through various news articles and reports, we can make a reasonably accurate estimate of what his annual salary might have been.

One of the most popular classic shows of all time

For most viewers, the office was a commercial success. The show ranks among the most popular classic shows of all time and is still on syndication in many countries. It is also what made Steve Carell, who played the character Michael Scott on The Office, rise into popularity.

The show has had multiple nominations on the Emmys, won the Outstanding Comedy Series, and is considered the "godfather" of mockumentary-style comedy shows.

With such a mega success, albeit from the third season onwards, it is safe to say that Michael Scott and most of the cast's salary wasn't that bad.

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In the early years, Steve Carrell.

Michael Scott started as the sales representative at Dunder Mifflin Paper fictional Company in Scranton. He later became the assistant regional manager before landing his big promotion to regional sales manager of the Scranton branch.

In Season One & Two, it is reported that the actor Steve Carrell was earning $87,000 per episode as the show hadn't hit yet. Later on, in season three, Michael Scott's salary was raised to $175,000 per episode. After that, there's pretty much scanty information on how much he earned for the consecutive seasons, but it's most likely that his salary got bumped up as he was also a writer, producer, and director on the show.

Today, the celebrity net worth reports that he is worth over $80 million!

Carrell has starred in other TV Shows & Movies, including Netflix's Space Force, Bruce Almighty, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

See our range of Michael Scott merch. Popular products include the Boom Roasted coffee mug, the Michael Star coffee mug, and the I understand nothing t-shirt.

Other Cast Members & How Much They Earned

John Krasinski

Krasinski played Dunder Mifflin sales representative Jim Halpert throughout the hit show's nine seasons. Halpert is one of the most popular characters in Michael Scott paper company.

He is known for his pranks, love story with receptionist Pam Beesly (played by Jenna Fischer), and general humor.

John Krasinski's salary was never revealed, but it was estimated that he made around $100,000 per episode by season 4. This would've netted him around $2.8 million per season toward the end of the show. However, he started with a measly $20,000 per episode for the first three seasons.

Like Carell, Krasinski went on to star in and direct multiple other shows like A Quiet Place plus its sequel and the action drama Jack Ryan.

His current net worth is estimated to be around  $70 million


image of Jim Halpert

Jenna Fischer

Fischer played the role of Dunder Mifflin receptionist Pam Beesly.

Like Krasinski, Fischer is reported to have earned $20,000 per episode for the first three seasons before her salary was raised to $100,000 per episode in season 4. As she got more main character roles and scenes, her salary was raised to about $150,000 per episode by the time the show came to an end.

She has starred in other films like The Dewey Cox Story and Blades of Glory and Walk Hard.

Estimated Net Worth; $16 million.

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson played the role of Dwight Schrute, a salesman and Michael Scott's assistant at Dunder Mifflin.

He was a fan favorite for his quirky and over-the-top personality, and it's easy to see why. He is a bit of an oddball, which makes him all the more endearing.

Rainn Wilson is best known for his role on "The Office" as Dwight Schrute, but he has also appeared in several other TV shows like the CBS' Mom and Star Trek: Discovery.

For the first three seasons, there is less information on how much he earned but considering he was a supporting cast member, his salary was most likely around $20,000 per episode. The salary was raised to $100,000 during the fourth season.

After the office ended, his career blossomed, and he starred in movies such as Juno, House of 1000 Corpses, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Estimated net worth; $14 million

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling plays Kelly Kapoor, an annoyingly chatty customer service representative, in the show.

Kelly is one of the most annoying characters on the show and often felt like she was out of place, but her character arc did end up becoming more about acceptance which was nice to see.

She was also an executive producer and a writer for the show.

After the show ended, she continued to work on her own projects like The Mindy Project, and she's starred in A Wrinkle In Time and Ocean's Eight.

Estimated net worth; $35 million

Ed Helms 

Ed Helms plays the role of Andy Bernard, a salesman at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

He was first introduced as a temporary employee as the writers were not confident that they could leave Jim away from Scranton for so long. He was hired for two episodes at a time, but Helms was eventually hired on full-time for the remainder of the season after the two paper company branches merged.

Considering he arrived during season six and was one of the main characters, it's safe to say he earned around $100,000 per episode.

Estimated Net Worth; $24M

Paul Lieberstein 

Paul Lieberstein played the role of Toby Flenderson, the human resources representative at Dunder Mifflin. He was Michael Scotts' least favorite person and was often the butt of his jokes.

Lieberstein was also a writer and producer of the show

After "The Office" ended, he continued to work on TV shows such as "King of the Hill," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and most notably, "The Good Place."

Estimated net worth; $14m

Angela Martin

Angela Martin is the accountant for Dunder Mifflin and was played by Angela Kinsey.

There is not much information about what she earned throughout the show, but it can be assumed she earned around $100,000 per episode by the fourth season like her counterparts.

After the show ended, she continued to appear in TV shows such as "The Hotwives of Orlando" and "Angie Tribeca." She also starred on her own YouTube channel.

Estimated net worth; $12 Million

B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak played the role of Ryan Howard, a young and ambitious salesman at Dunder Mifflin who often butts heads with Michael Scott.

He was also a writer and producer for the show.

After "The Office" ended, his career continued to flourish as he appeared in movies such as Reign Over Me, Unaccompanied Minors, Knocked Up, and The Internship, among others. Novak has also voiced Baker Smurf in The Smurfs in 2011 and 2013.

His estimated net worth is $8 million

The Office Cast Salaries; FAQ's

How much did the cast members of the office make?

Main actors like Steve Carrel were paid  $87,500 per episode, while most of the support cast crew were paid $20,000 per episode for the first three seasons. After that, their salaries mainly were raised to $100,000 an episode. The prominent cast crew members, including Steve Carell and John Krasinski, earned about $200,000 per episode by the time the show ended.

How much did Dunder Mifflin employees make?

In the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company, the average salary for the employees was about $50,000. Top tier employees like the Regional Sales Manager made more, with the average annual salary being around $70,000.

How much did Michael Scott spend on the engagement ring?

Michael Scott spent over $200k on an engagement ring for his fiancé, Holly. He states that he spent three years saving up for the engagement ring. Assuming he made about $80k after his promotion to regional manager, it means the ring cost somewhere between $200k - #300k.

How much does Michael Scott make per year?

Michael Scott started at Dunder Mifflin as a Regional Manager making an annual salary of around $80,000 on average when compared to the real-world salaries of the place he worked (Scranton, PA).

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Who Was The Actor That Played Kevin Malone - The Office?

Who Was The Actor That Played Kevin Malone - The Office?

NBC's The Office is one of the most successful shows in the 2000s era. The nine-season mockumentary started airing from 2005 to 2013, documenting the typical lifestyle of American workers.

It was a story filled with plot twists, emotions, romances, and side characters. With so many personalities co-existing in the film, it is daunting to find a character that stands out. But still, it is easy to know one of The Office's popular characters, Kevin Malone. So, who is he? What role did he play? In this piece, we'll look at the voice behind Kevin Malone and his role in the multimillion-dollar series.

Who is Kevin Malone?

In the first seasons of The Office, Kevin Malone was a reserved character who later evolved into one of the funniest and cartoonish characters of the show. He is a lovable character, but Kevin's main personalities come from his lack of intelligence, sexual depravity, incompetence, and obesity.

The slow-witted character was played by Brian Baumgartner, a sensational American actor, director, and author.

According to directors at The Office, Brian Baumgartner sent over his agent for an inquiry when he heard The Office was recruiting. Unfortunately, his agent sheepishly told him the company was looking for unknown people, including him. But still, the actor got a chance at the audition where he auditioned for the role of Stanley using Kevin's voice.

Once the auditions ended, casting director Allison Jones informed Brian there was a different role they were looking for, and that's how he ended up playing the role for Kevin Malone.

Before airing The Office, Brian had been involved in plenty of big-screen shows. He first started his acting career in the Minneapolis theater, where he co-founded the Hidden Theatre. The theater aired a few shows, including "People Are Living There" by Athol Fugard and "Mice of Men." Brina Baumgartner became a popular figure in the theaters in 1998 when he started his one-man show "Rum and Vodka."

At this point, Baumgartner performed regionally in several places like Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Theatre De La Jeune Lune, and Children's Theater Company. He was able to show prowess and versatility in comedy and drama.

Actor Brian Baumgartner artistic and acting excellence later hit the big screens casting on several movies such as "Four Christmases" by Vince Vaughn, "One Last Night," "Into Temptation" featuring Ralph O'Brien "Dirty Girl," "The Last Push," and "Licence To Wed" featuring Rob Williams. He was also involved in a couple of tv shows like "CSI," "The Goldbergs," "Mike & Molly," and many others.


Who was Kevin Malone?

The Office Was A Success

The Office was a success in America and the world. The show received multiple awards and 42 nominations at the Emmy Awards. The Office later won for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006, Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing in 2007, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series in 2009, plus single-camera picture editing in 2013.

Brian Baumgartner won several awards, but the most prominent was the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program-comedy in 2007.

Following its success, Brian Baumgartner decided to recap the Office in his podcast called "An Oral History of The Office." He was curious to discover why many people still loved The Office almost 15 years later. The 12-episode podcast reconnects Baumgartner with his co-actors, directors, editors, writers, and the camera crew invited as guests on the show.

The podcast reveals memoirs of The Office and discusses plenty of behind-the-scenes moments that fans would love. For example, in the "Mom, We Made It" scene, Brain discusses how they almost missed the Emmy Awards with Angela Kinsey. The two decided to carpool to the ceremony, knowing that they were expected to receive the award and, if possible, take the trophy home. The two made it to the event though they were late and almost locked out.

Along with the podcast, Brian also published a book titled "The definitive history of The Office" by E! News, "Welcome to Dunder Mifflin." The book has tons of interesting sections, including 100 behind-the-scenes photographs and a foreword written by Greg Daniels, the show's creator.

Brian Baumgartner And The Cameo Effect

Though The Office ended in 2013, Brian still found other ways to make bucks, and the biggest breakthrough was his career on Cameo. Cameo is an online app that allows you to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities. Brain has had huge success with Cameo as he was named the most bankable star by a recent reporter interview with Steven Galans, the app founder.

It is reported that Brian Baumgartner has made a $1 million fortune since joining Cameo, making him the highest-earning celebrity on Cameo. He charges $195 for each personalized message for fans and an even higher rate for corporates starting at $2,500 for each video.

You might be interested in our range of Kevin Malone product and merchandise:

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Everything You Need To Know About The Office Filming Locations

Everything You Need To Know About The Office Filming Locations

The Office was a TV show that had tons of fans. Whether you want to learn about the real places they attended or where the office building was supposedly located, it's time to figure out where this show was filmed.

You may even decide to go on a road trip to these Office filming locations, dressing up as characters from the episodes to have a self-guided tour of your own.

With so many filming locations in North Hollywood and beyond, you're sure to find some surprises.

The Office takes place primarily in Scranton, Pennsylvania, though most of the show was actually filmed in Studio City in Los Angeles. Other top cities in North Hollywood include Pan Nuys and Panorama City. Those are often called "The Valley" for locals.

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It's tricky to locate the right addresses for The Office filming locations and takes a lot of effort. However, the research is done with this guide.

If you want more insider information about Michael Scott and filming locations, you may want to check out Office Ladies Podcast by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, both actresses for the show. They give tons of fun tidbits for fans.

Without further ado, it's time to learn things about The Office you never realized you needed to know:

Los Angeles County Locations

With so many different locations in Los Angeles and Scranton, it's easier to break them down into specifics. That way, you don't get confused about what city or state you're in. Keep reading to learn about the Hollywood locations:

Chandler Valley Center Studios (The Dunder Mifflin Building)

The entire first season of the show was actually filmed in a real-life office building located in Culver City, but it was supposedly located in Scranton Business Park. It was close to the cross streets of West Jefferson Blvd. and La Cienega Blvd. After The Office was picked up for the second season, they chose to move the building to Chandler Valley Center Studios. Most fans of the show recognize this building's exterior best, and it's still supposed to be in Scranton Business Park

If you visit the area, you are allowed to take pictures of the outside of the "Dunder Mifflin Building." However, security guards are present, and they may ask you to move along. If you Google the location for GPS purposes, it might show as Chandler Valley Centre Studios.

The building is located on Saticoy Street in Panorama City.

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Rite Aid (Birthday Episode)

During Michael's birthday episode (Season 2, Episode 19), Pam and Jim go to Rite Aid to get gifts for Kevin because he thinks he could have skin cancer. In one scene, Jim tells Pam to speak over the store's intercom, which she does.

This is a real-life store and is located on Woodman Ave. in Van Nuys.

Ice Skating Rink - Birthday Episode for Michael Scott

During the 19th episode of Season 2, the office staff goes ice skating as a way to cheer up Kevin and to have Michael's birthday party. It is a real building called Pickwick Ice Center and is located on W. Riverside Drive in Burbank.

Goodbye Meetup for Pam and Roy

After Pam and Roy break up, they meet at a diner nearby for their final goodbye. All of the restaurant scenes are actually from Hungry Fox Family Restaurant. It's located on Sherman Way in North Hollywood.

High School of Andy's Underage Girlfriend

A Dunder Mifflin employer takes revenge because of an obscene watermark, so Andy and Jim must go to the local high school to apologize to the principal. Those high school scenes were filmed in Burbank at Saint John Paul Academy. It's actually a Catholic High School, but there were no real students in the background; they were paid actors. It's located on E. Olive Ave in Burbank.


burbank st john paul academy

Steve Carrel's Real-Life Favorite Pizza Place

According to the Office Ladies podcast, Steve Carrel treated the crew and cast to delivered pizza from his favorite restaurant. It's called Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant, and it was even featured in the Last Dundies Episode (Season 7, Episode 21). If you want to see what the fuss is about, go to Oxnard Street in Valley Glen.

Dwight's Betrayal Lunch Spot

In Season 3, Episode 3, Dwight meets with Jan in secret to try to overthrow Michael as the office manager. You may remember the scene where he eats his pancakes in a very dramatic way. It's a real place called Paty's Restaurant, and it's located on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.

Milkshake Prank Location

In Season 9, Episode 12, Dwight wants to show Darryl some fun times. He ends up throwing a milkshake onto a restaurant employee. Though the restaurant is real and called Pete's Blue Chip Burgers, the employee was a hired actor. It's located on Colorado Blvd in East Rock.

The Boys Go Roller-skating

In Season 7, the guys decided to play hooky from work. Though they initially want to go to a strip club, they end up at Northridge Skateland for some roller-skating. It's located on Parthenia Street in Northridge. In fact, the strip club was real too, but now it sits empty.

Field Trip to Lake Scranton

In Season 3, Episode 23, Michael decides to take the crew for a day of games and fun outside at the lake. The scenes were filmed at the fishing recreation area of Hansen Dam Lake Park. It's located on Foothill Blvd. in Lake View Terrace.

Company Picnic

Most offices have company picnics each year, and Dunder Mifflin was one of them. They all go to the park to play volleyball in Season 5, Episode 28. It took 360 extras to make it work, and it was filmed in Malibu at Calamigos Ranch on Latigo Canyon Road.

Paper Convention

In the show, there was a paper convention held in Philadelphia, which happened in Season 3, Episode 2. However, the crew filmed it at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Los Angeles, which is located on North Hollywood Way.

Schrute Farms

Schrute Farms has appeared many times throughout the show, with the first time being in Episode 5 of Season 3. You may not be aware of it, but Schrute Farms is actually two locations. Some of the scenes were filmed in Newhall, California, at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch. However, a few beet field scenes were from Underwood Family Farm, which is in Moore Park.

Fans also created a fake Trip Advisor review for Schrute Farms. It's quite hilarious to read the comments!

The Dundies

In this episode, you could see a Chili's restaurant. However, it's not real. In fact, they just took an empty restaurant building located in Panorama City and reconstructed the inside to meet their needs. Right now, there's an Aldi store in there. It's located on W. Roscoe Blvd. in Panorama City if you want to check it out!

Chili's Awesome Blossom

In the episode called The Client, another Chili's restaurant is presented. It's also fake, but you can order some baby back ribs and an Awesome Blossom from the Chili's menu here, so it can't be all that bad.

Diwali Celebration

The Diwali scenes from Season 3, Episode 6 were filmed in the Valley Glen area at Ulysses S. Grant High School. It's actually the high school that Melora Hardin attended (she's Jan on the show.) This high school is located on Oxnard Street in Van Nuys.

David Wallace's Home

There is plenty of conflicting information about the location of David Wallace's House. He was the CFO of Dunder Mifflin,and it first came to light in Season 3, Episode 7. According to the Podcast, his house is in Pasadena. Initially, you see it in Season 3, but it's in many other episodes. As far as anyone knows, it's on Lomita Drive in Pasadena.

Benihana Christmas

 In Season 3, there was an extended (two-episode) Christmas special, and it was filmed on location at the Benihana restaurant. It's located on Ventura Blvd. in Encino.

Michael Gets Lost

When Michael gets lost in the Season 7, Episode 15 show, Holly and Dwight set up a search party. The characters make many stops while searching for him, and some of them include:

Initially, Michael was abandoned by Jim and left at the Civic Center Gas Station, which is located on Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys.

Kung Pao Ching Bistro is found in Studio City on Ventura Blvd., but it doesn't appear to be open anymore.

Larry's Chili Dog Stand is located on West Burbank Blvd. in Burbank.

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Gettysburg Episode

When Andy, the new office manager in Season 8, takes all the employees to Gettysburg, they are actually at Woodley Park. It's located on Woodley Ave. in Van Nuys.

Poor Richard's Pub

Poor Richard's Pub is a real place, and it serves beers and delicious pub food. You can get onion rings and fried pickles. Plus, you may run into a few waitresses who worked at Poor Richard's Pub when it was filmed. If you take a self-guided tour, this is one of The Office locations you can't miss. However, you can't look for Poor Richard's Pub. It's actually called Pickwick's Pub and is on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills.

Church from Jim and Pam's Wedding

Another stop on the location of The Office filming was the church where Jim and Pam were married. The chapel is surrounded by gardens and is quite cute. It's found on W. Magnolia Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant for Jim and Pam

As The Office fans, you're sure to remember the infamous scene when Jim tells people about Pam's pregnancy. The guests and wedding party were all at The Smoke House Restaurant. It's found on Lakeside Drive in Burbank.

Church from Bob Vance and Phyllis's Wedding

Phyllis married Bob Vance at the First Christian Church. It's very grand when you see it in person. You can even take pictures of it and go to the front steps. If you want to check out the inside, you should call for reservations. It's located on Colfax Ave. in North Hollywood.

Traveling Salesmen

In Episode 13 of Season 3, the sales team decides to pair up to take off-site sales calls with their clients. There were a few filming scenes here, including:

  • Java Groove Coffee Shop - It was located on Victory Blvd. in Van Nuys, but it's now a printing company. However, the tattoo parlor is next door (Season 8, Episode 2.)
  • Panorama Presbyterian Church - This is where Ryan and Stanley made their sales calls, and it's located on Roscoe Blvd. in Panorama City.
  • Panorama Medical Plaza - The sales meetings the salespeople had with clients were all on one floor in this building. It was also where Dwight had interviews (The Return episode).

Business School

Ryan thinks he can boost his grade by taking his boss to show and tell. True The Office fans know how wrong he was. Regardless, they were at Cal State University in Northridge. This is also where Pam's art show scenes were filmed (in the Design Center).

It's located on Nordhoff Street in Northridge, and people are allowed to go inside.

Dwight Joins the Competition

Staples is often considered to be the biggest competitor of Dunder Mifflin. After Dwight quits at The Office, he works at a Staples store. They filmed the scenes inside a real store at Empire Center in Burbank. Here's a fun fact: Jenna Fischer bought her printer here. In fact, Jenna Fischer was with her real-life friend, Angela Kinsey, at the time.

Jim and Pam's House

Jim decided to buy his parent's old home in Season 5, Episode 9. It was meant as a big romantic gesture so that he could start married life right. You can visit the quaint cottage house, which is located in Van Nuys at 13831 Calvert Street.

Oscar Martinez's Home

Oscar called in sick from work in Season 2, Episode 13, so Michael has Dwight go investigate to see if he's truly ill. Everyone knows that Dwight busted him for playing hooky. The home is located in Sherman Oaks at 5232 Longridge Ave.

Westfield Fashion Square Mall (Steamtown)

There are many episodes filmed at Westfield Fashion Square Mall, which was called Steamtown Mall in the scenes. Sherman Oaks is where it's at, and you can visit the mall on your self-guided The Office tour.

Did you know Michael confessed that he fell into it? You can too! It's located on Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.

Michael's Condo

In The Office Olympics episode (Season 2), Dwight goes with Michael as he finalizes the sale of his condominium. Michael Scott's condo is actually seen many times throughout the show, such as in the Dinner Party episode. It's a real place and is located in Reseda, CA, at 7303 Bonnie Pl.


Meredith and Darry use houses on the show that are really located next to each other. They're neighbors, even if that isn't portrayed.

Darryl's home is located in Van Nuys at 14152 Emelita Street, and Meredith Palmer's home is found at 14142 Emelita Street. While they might not be next-door neighbors, they could still carpool together if they wanted!

Threat Level Midnight Episode

Michael Scott created a lost film in the show, and it features each cast member. It was filmed on multiple locations, and here are a few of them:

  • Chimenysweep Lounge - This was the place for the "Do the Scarn" dance. It's found in Sherman Oaks at 4354 Woodman Ave.
  • Iceland Ice Skating Center - This is a real ice-skating rink found in Van Nuys at 14318 Calvert St.

Trivia Episode

The crew decided to take a trip to Philadelphia in Season 8, Episode 11. They wanted to win cash prizes at Oscar's trivia game. This scene took place in NoHo at The Federal Bar. It's located in North Hollywood at Lankershim Blvd.

Sabre Promo Video

Michael was very impressed to see Christian Slater featured in the Saber orientation video. You probably remember the phrase, "Ever tasted a rainbow?" It was filmed entirely at some modern office buildings. They were designed to be the headquarters for Sabre. It's found in Westlake Village, CA on 1 Baxter Way.

Awkward Daycare Moment

Pam and Jim start touring daycares and find their dream option in Season 6, Episode 15. You might remember what happened when Jim walked in on a man using the restroom. Regardless, you can see the building for yourself. It's called PeekABoo Playland and is on Colorado Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Dwight's Bachelor Party

When the show is nearing its end, you see Dwight marrying Angela, his long-time love. Overall, Dwight's bachelor party dinner happened at Tam O'Shanter, which is a Scottish pub. It's also called Lawry's Restaurant and is found on Los Feliz Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Scranton, Pennsylvania Locations

While most of The Office was filmed in California, there are a few note-worthy episodes from Scranton, Pennsylvania. They include:

Cooper's Seafood

Throughout the show's run, the characters mention Coopers as a restaurant. In fact, Angela says, "No seafood!" to Kevin. There is a Cooper's Seafood restaurant in Scranton, and Angela said on the podcast that some of the cast had been there. It's located on N. Washington Ave. in Scranton.


cooper seafood restaurant scranton PA

Steamtown Mall

There's actually a Steamtown Mall in Scranton, but it's called The Marketplace. They even host fan festivals for The Office. It's found at Lackawanna Ave. in Scranton.

Cugino's Family Restaurant

In Season 2, Episode 17, Jim won 9th place for a sales contest at Dunder Mifflin. The price was Cugino's pizza. It's found at E. Drinker St. in Dunmore, PA.

Film Locations Throughout the US and Abroad

Though you've gone through tons of popular locations for The Office filming, here are a few more:

NYC Date Night for Jim and Karen

The Spotted Pig was a popular Village restaurant. Jim and Karen had dinner there.

Sandals Resort in Jamaica

Michael wanted to surprise Carol, his girlfriend in Season 3, with a trip to the Sandals Resort in Jamaica. However, he went with Jan. Check out the entire range of The Office holiday merch.


Hopefully, you enjoyed taking a trip in time to find out what The Office employees really did. Whether you want to see the Dunder Mifflin office for yourself or Meredith Palmer's house, you've got the information needed to create the ultimate bucket-list-worthy road trip. The Office ended after 9 seasons.

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